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Our goal is to design a brand new quantum network architecture by leveraging the quantum information science. We are dedicated to pioneering stuides to build a BETTER, SECURE, and POWERFUL quantum network!

Our Group

Quantum Network Research Group is established in 2018 and located at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Our group is one of the earliest scientific research teams engaged in cutting-edge research on quantum networks in China. Our group is dedicated to the research of key technologies such as routing planning, request scheduling and resource allocation for future quantum networking, and has published a series of representative theoretical results and independently developed a system-level quantum network simulation platform, which provides a complete set of solutions from quantum operation, quantum network protocol stack, network deployment, and performance analysis for the problem that quantum networks are difficult to deploy and verify on a large scale.



Currently, with the development of quantum devices and quantum information technology, quantum networking has gradually become possible and has the promise of providing wide-area services for quantum applications such as quantum teleportation and distributed quantum computing. However, limited by the communication distance and processing capability of quantum nodes, current quantum networks are characterized by weak capacity, low efficiency, and difficult to guarantee the quality of service. Comparing the development of quantum network to rail transit construction, the current quantum network is only a preliminary solution to the preliminary infrastructure construction problem. How to deal with the source-destination optimal path selection, peak user demand differentiation services and different regional rail train trips allocation, etc. become the key issues to be solved in the future development of quantum network. Here are some recent works, papers, and other recent situation of our team.

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